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Who we are

Sevan Marine ASA is a specialized marine engineering and design house. Sevan Marine’s cylindrical hull is a low cost alternative to traditional ship-shaped, turret moored solutions.

More than 35 Years of experience

With 11 units constructed and over 35 years of accumulated operational experience, the Sevan Marine cylindrical hull is a proven and credible alternative to traditional offshore, floating designs.

Our people

Sevan Marine has a dedicated, experienced team with the unique benefit of having been the only player in the world who has designed, constructed and operated cylindrical floaters. Sevan Marine has a lean and flexible organization which is able to adapt individual customers preferences and execution models.

Innovate | Design | Execute

«Motions for the FPSO Sevan Voyageur is far better than the ship-shaped FPSO we have been working on, production can be kept going and no motion sickness is experienced even in the worst storms»

-Douglas Southerland, Marine Control Room Operator

– Barry Laing, OIM

News & Media

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The Sevan Concept

The cylindrical Sevan concept is a flexible, turretless floating unit with a unique combination of in-hull storage capacity, deck weight capacity and favourable motion characteristics.

The concept can be tailored to a wide range of applications in benign and harsh environments, such as winter storms in the North Sea, cyclones in Australia or hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.