Sevan FLNG

Sevan FLNG is applying in-house technology to process, liquefy, store and offloading LNG and condensate in exportable parcels.

Sevan GTW
(Gas To Wire)

Sevan GTW is a floating gas driven power-plant.

The unit will be configured with a modularized set of gas and steam turbines ensuring maximum plant efficiency.

A CO2 capture plant may be installed inside the hull to  extract CO2 from the exhaust. The CO2 may be re-injected into a subsea reservoirs at a nearby location.

 Sevan Ice Hull

Motivated by the growing focus on exploration and production of hydrocarbons in ice exposed areas, Sevan Marine has developed a modified cylindrical hull enabling operation even in such challenging areas.

Ice may occur as level ice, ice ridges or ice bergs. An FPSO or MODU planned for operation in ice exposed areas must be able to safely operate under all these conditions.

When threatened by large icebergs  the unit must  be able to escape from icebergs, i.e. the unit must have a disconnectable mooring and riser arrangement..The developed design comprises of a disconnectable mooring and riser buoy.




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