The process plants on the Sevan FPSOs are designed with basis in specification for the actual operation at a defined oil field.

The main separation is normally designed as a generic unit that may serve a certain range of operational requirements. The gas treatment as well as the water treatment part of the process plant will to a larger extent be tailor made for the actual location.

This design philosophy reduces the modification costs when a unit is relocated. For more long term installations, an optimized tailored process plant will be installed, e.g. as on the Piranema SpiritFPSO.

The design of the topside processing plants is made by the in-house expertise in Sevan Marine; Kanfa, Kanfa Aragon and Mator..

Functional description documents as PFDs, P&IDs, cause and effect diagrams, commissioning procedures and operational man-uals are established as a basis for the procurement of equipment, construction, functional testing, pre-commissioning, hook-up and commissioning of the topside modules.

The process system is constructed in modules, including the inlet and export manifold module, the separation, the gas treatment and the water treatment and injection module, the utility modules (chemical injection, flare and drain systems), etc.

The way of arranging the modules depends on the complexity of the process and the functional requirements. The basic arrangement of the modules is in ‘open air’ resulting in good ventilation of any gas release.

The Sevan FPSOs designed for operation in arctic areas, as e.g. the ENI Goliat FPSO, will be built with a cover over the process plant creating a good working environment and protecting the equipment from exposure to the arctic climate. The cover has a transparency sufficient for maintaining natural ventilation.

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