FRG Loading view 01Floating Regas Dock (FRD)  -  The next generation FSRU

…offering superior regas regularity and cost benefits…

Low cost jettyless LNG Receiving, Storage and Regasification solution for the World market

Re-gasification of LNG on the FRD ubit (typically 50-200 mmscfd)  and compression into gas pipeline to shore

Cost competitive - utilizes elder and inexpensive LNG Carriers for storage

Minimal adasptions for the LNG carrier

Proven and proprietary technology – Standard systems

360o weather vaning – provides superior operational uptime

Tsunami and Earthquake resistant

Enables discharge of LNG carrier with increased separation distance - 15 m vs 5 m

Simple and robust LNG Regas System, utilizing warm seawater as free energy source

Boil-off gas conservation - excess gas compressed and sent to Power Plant






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