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Eni Norge selected the Sevan 1000 FPSO as concept for the floating production platform to produce the Goliat field in the Barents Sea.

Sevan Marine has licensed the floater technology to the project as well as carrying out the front end engineering for the complete unit (FEED). Goliat FPSO has oil production capacity of 100,000 bbls/day, gas injection capacity of 3.9 million Sm3/day and an oil storage capacity of 950 000 bbls.

The FPSO is especially designed for environmentally friendly operations and energy recovery. The unit will be powered from shore providing significantly reduced CO2 emissions  and the oil containment system with segregated ballast tanks  surrounding the cargo tanks and no contact between oil and water is avoiding accidental release of oil or polluted ballast water to the sea. Specially designed winterization solutions provide good working conditions for the crew even in the harsh Barents Sea Conditions.
The Goliat field is located in the Barents Sea north west of Hammerfest at a water depth of about 400 meters. The Italian energy company Eni is operator on the field with an ownership of 65%, while Statoil has an ownership of 35%.

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Key Data:

Design:   Sevan 1000
Completion year:   2015
Yard:   Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI)
Owner/ operator:   Eni Norge AS (Goliat license)
Contract:   License
Field:   Goliat, Barents Sea, NCS
Water depth:   380-400 m

Techical data:

Hull diameter:   90 m
Main deck diameter:   101 m
Process deck diameter:   107 m
Displacement at
30.5m draft:
  210,000 mT
Process deck area:   9,000 m2
Main deck area   8,000 m2
Accommodation:   120 persons
Mooring:   Spread moored, 14 lines
Riser slots:   20 + 5 slots
Liquid production:   17 500 Scmd/
110 000 mmscfd
Gas reinjection capacity:   3.9 mmScmd/
138 mmscfd
Crude storage capacity:   950 000 bbl/ 151 000  m3
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